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Connect in a class—from anywhere

Kaplan teachers meet their students where they are—either in an onsite or online classroom. Opportunities to impact student success exist across the U.S. Teachers with demonstrated success may also apply for virtual roles.

Create paths to opportunity

Teachers are at the heart of our mission to help build futures one success story at a time. Kaplan Partner Solutions, a program that partners with local schools to help underrepresented students close the opportunity gap, takes that mission to the next level by committing to access and equity for all students.




The demonstration of a growth mindset.



The ability to be agile, flexible, and ready to drive change.



Readiness to apply new technologies to support evolving learning needs.



A passion for learning and helping others achieve their educational goals.



A desire to work with extremely bright and driven colleagues.



Works to help provide equitable student experiences.

As a Kaplan teacher, you’ll enjoy


Discounts on travel, local deals, and health and wellness offers.

Online training

Engage with our best-in-class virtual training program from the comfort of home.

Great benefits

401k, access to health and welfare plans.


Free or discounted classes for yourself or immediate family.

See what our teachers have to say


Ged Helm

I've learned so very much from my colleagues here at Kaplan. I knew the test well, but I didn't know anything about instruction when I joined. I've had to complete and pass many rigorous training programs in my time here which taught me how to: plan, prep, and deliver a lesson; analyze student performance and engagement; and support students inside and outside of both in person and online classrooms.

- LSAT Teacher


Nzinga Mack

As a teacher trainer, I provided feedback to future teachers, and this has made me even more open to the feedback of others not only on my teaching, but on my life in general. In life, I have become more appreciative of anyone who takes the time to observe me and give me specific and actionable feedback, as it is a sign of someone who truly has my best interest at heart.

- MCAT, GMAT, and GRE Teacher


Aerie Kim

I've been provided so many opportunities to try out new roles--tutoring, content work, other test products, online and in person classroom instruction, peer mentoring. None of these roles were things I initially thought I would be able to do, but I was provided with a safe space to try things out. Outside of my work at Kaplan, I look at "hard things" as something that I know I may not really like while I'm learning, but I know I can work through it, and that sense of empowerment is invaluable.

- MCAT Teacher

To teach the MCAT®, NCLEX®, or Medical exams

Some of our health and medical exams have specific requirements. Learn what you need for the test you want to teach.